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Losing Inches Of Water?

A crack or a leak in your pool may seem like a minor inconvenience, but leaving it unrepaired may cost you a significant loss of water per day and could lead to serious mechanical damage. Call Specialized Pool Repairs LLC at 623-570-7665 today for an appointment to stop your leak before it gets too severe!

•  Underground plumbing leaks

•  Deck leaks

•  Foundation repairs

Leak repair services

  • Salt chlorinators, tile clean, and waterline glass bead blast

  • Surface and leak repairs

  • Surface cleaning

  • Install handrails stainless with or without colored powdercoating multichoices


Before we do any work, get a FREE estimate on our pool surface repair, leak repair, surface cleaning, and handrail installation! Call 623-570-7665 to set up an appointment and we'll come to your house!

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